Thursday, January 15, 2015

                                                 French fried Cartoonists
I watched France tremble as cartoonists died at the hands of of Islam's killers who lead the police on their deadly chase. I am living in squalor in America's third world safe from Islam's deadly touch, the nearest Mosque is fifty miles away and their young men have other fish to fry. There was a time when I was there, Paris filming the uprising of sixty eight. The words of Debord in the mouths of millions of French youth knowing they had seized power from an ossified soft facist government of an old and dangerous general. We fought with film and words against a powerful army and pulled out a win.
We won the battles and deliberately lost the war. I was present at the meeting in late May where the Left folded, for the good of French lives. There had been almost no causalities and very few reprisals by the students against the authorities. A couple of hundred dead max less than died on the road on a normal French weekend in those days.
We did not need guns to rearrange the deck chairs of Gaullist oppression, paving stones and Molotov cocktails, and an attitude suficed. Our posters are collectors items, done in a workshop run by a Maoist from Denver.
The surrender was handled by the combined committees that distributed food and necessitates as well as media, petrol and rumor. We camera men were the historians winning tomorrow from yesterday. Young Mezzmero was going to start a second magazine called Hari Kari. I was going to make films about difficult subjects. Ben was going to be a producer, Pauline was going to make films happen. There were fourteen of us camera people come over from London under the cover of the Arts Lab We listened to Debord picked up friends with cars and were there for historic moments asking questions and trying to be relevant. We changed France and ourselves and I learned that revolution was an inside job and requires a life time of hard work. The only thing I remember about Islam in the Paris uprising was a gang of Arabs wanted to pogrom the Jews and we stopped them cold for being idiot thugs. The Paris uprising was cosponsored by the Cohn -Bendit Brothers and they were German Jews. The other cosponsor was International Situationists a pack of shady intellectuals, artists, poets and social tinkerers. They were experts at funding having embezzled a large sum of CIA cash from the University of Strasbourg. One of their conveners was Guy Debord f a film critic and sometime filmmaker. I had some social contact with them and I found their position on current events far more interesting than the out of the box standard French Leftist thinking.
After the events in Paris setttled back to oppression as always Soon Ireland loomed big and one could see the CIA was ousting Humble Harold Wilson from office. London was heading into the tubes as a cultural stop.
LSD went out as the drug of choice and Lady Cocaine was rising it's hydra head along with Margaret Thatcher. Who would want to live in the oppressive state of Britain. The Tories and Labour did the dance of death to the arts and I had to bail to Nixon's America complete with Vietnam, oppressive police and the rise of angry immigrants. I was close to Lathems and it was quite clear that Political Correctness was censoring open thought and there was to be no critique by the new residents rather tacky and sensitive bather and abuse from former residents of the Swat Valley, the. I'm not into medieval oppression of women and stoning of people who do not follow the Koran. Not being into child brides and sharia I saw that what capital was doing was importing cheap disposable labor, Dixie cup people, there to be crushed when used up. What happens to these people is the awful joke of capital on the backs of labor.
America has done the same thing to Mexicans, Hondurans and Philippines People. It's the age of the world underclass expressing endless anger while their leaders live the life of parasite princes. Our ever so corrupt leaders are forming a world wide police state for the benefit of their masters shadowy rich bankers in Hong Kong Shanghai and Singapore as well as the White Lice of the West.
See how a couple of hundred people rule the billions using their techno Sherpa's and millions of watchers and millions more troopers eliminating any hope of honest governance, decent health care and healthy fodder. Killing the messenger is just one way of oppressing and ruling the mass. We are allowing the bastards to terrify us into submission.

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