Saturday, June 26, 2010

Car trouble on a Lonely Road

I was out at the abandoned park, someone stole all the water from the dam so no one goes there.
I had gotten the bow out strung it and locked my keys in the car. No big deal I live a primitive existence. A few rocks and some wire from a near by fence and an hour of fishing for lever and I'mback behind the wheel. Turn the key and nothing. Try all the switches nothing. Try the flashers and something so it is a blown master fuse no big deal except I don't want to do damage by sticking a penny in the socket, or a cap over an oil spill.
No cell phone so it is walking time. Three miles to US 24 first thing though my head is the Holy Modal Rounders Long John. "It's a long road winding to the land of my dreams." This is the West where the roads are a straight as a real estate mans hand into your bank account. Got to stick to the road cause I'm wearing sandals. Next song in my head was Never Tries of the Road Andy Irvine tribute to Woody, never ran with Woody but I did with Cisco and Will. So the song sticks and the miles pass.
Come to the big road US 24 West it goes to the the Pen in Buena Vista where the school tried to imprison my kid for reading Malcolm X and bad poetry. East it becomes !-70
I's getting toward dark and there's twelve miles to go I start walking cause traffic is fast and the miles get long. A kid in a red Olds comes close to hitting me I give him the universal high sign and continue being careful on the bridges over our drought dry creeks. a White pickup does a one eight and I and the car are on our way home. It's a pals kid who has been taught mutual self aid by his ever so cool mama; no school teaches that around here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

First Day

Last night I was atttempting a work of fiction about looking for the truth. I was moving right along at about two pages an hour, better than a fathom per fortnight. It was fiction so I could have a preditory church working in consort with a predatory security firm to dominate the stupid and venal in the fictional village of Colorado Springs. When I dicided to check the e-mail and found that Indy media Colorado is attempting to fight off an attack by the FBI. So I wrote a pal inside the Beltway who wrote back that finally the hooligans were going to be stopped after their cruel attack on our brave Israeli allies. The IDF put the pistol against the head of the bad lad and shot him four times. They knew they would get away with murder.
I will say this about the leftoids they are incredibly stupid marching in lock step with the Muslman who only wants to slay the infdel and then rip his daughter's clitoris out. No the left is a ship of fools on a good day.
Remember the drive to elect their perfect Leader a man of peace and wisdom. Who put that evil creature in the White House intent on slaughtering the Afghan and impoverishing his subjects, in power?
A pal asked me the question of where is Navy in regards to the Gulf Disaster? The only experts are the ones who have opened the gate to an extinction event? There are no scientists besides the ones working for the Sisters and they are all in rectal cranial defilade?They are having the heavy thinkers in Coast Guard our sea going tax collectors and dope chasers, the most underfunded service?
I hear very little criticism of the events in the Gulf other than lamentations from the shore line accompanied by the outstretched hand.
I understand the dumbing down of education in the Crescent City is every worker in New Orleans selected for total stupidity? What happened to the crafty Cajun, the Latin Sailor, the water folk, Swamp Dwellers have they been placed in camps like the Lakota?