Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I started  a photo essay last week about Canon City and being myself I started in the nearby town of Florance. Florance was never a contender to be the Capitol like Gunnison and Canon City It was first a mining town then a prison town like Canon City. Florance is understated in its building Florance is understated in it's toughness as well. Florance is the home of AdMax the meanest prison in America, a living hell.
The people in Florance are friendly and out going, Many Italian people came to dig the coal out of the ground and be played off by the coal barons  against the other ethnic groups. The Coal Fields of Colorado were a blood bath of exploding mines, exploitation of workers and the eventual triumph of the Unions.
What we are going to attempt is to look at an area that has been selected for national sacrifice get to know the people targeted to be destroyed and see if there is anything can be done to change the insane path of the destruction or conquest of America.