Sunday, July 18, 2010

स्टेप्स ओं थे रोड तो Change

I got a posting about airline addons to baggage fees and insights of the deteroration of capitalism seem to be coming true in front of my eyes
In the sixties after I left the thrall of International Socialism behind I listened to varying degrees of anarchism and allied myself with the syndicalists but left the door to a more practical approach to economics. My then wife set me looking at industrial democracy in general and after a short time I came into contact with the Internationale Situationist, I liked Debord's etal's stand and labored though their texts which were as understandable as any action filled book by George Lukas.
Where they were going was that the great powers were going destroy one another in the cold war push. I thought that capitalism might fail because of it's criminal nature. I was wrong the USSR was a more efficient kleptocracy than the West and besides by then the Chinese were beginning to throw in their expertise in banking on the capitalist side.
Capitalism survived because it absorbs corruption, Marx was a Utopian economically capitalism is utilitarian morally. There is the rub that modern day international capitalism was founded by total criminals. Meyer Landsky was a crook, the Rockefellers crooks, Bush Boys crooks and the Sherpa s: Skinner, the whole Chicago School crooks.
The last honest capitalistic thinking was done in the nineteen twenties by the scientific capitalists who were attempting to answer Marxist -Leninism and National Socialism. Since then we have stepped backwards first with objectivism (libertarian capitalism) Then with faith in giant sink holes of stolen money. We find the toll gate appearing everywhere with the thug to take the money. We find him in education, travel, work even parking the car. Crossing the street becomes a taxable event. Look at the land rush to tax smoking weed.
The socology of these events becaomes interesting. Heroes are Robin Hood, Kydd, Duritti, Sparticus followed by Ball and the Diggers. All roads lead to revolt.

Friday, July 16, 2010

मर्थ'स विनेयार्ड इन नीद ऑफ़ अ फर्स्ट Family

The Obama's are vacationing on Maratha's Vineyard, woe to my class mates from Tisbury elementary school not that many are still alive. Every time he visits the Island there are howls I hear in Eastern Colorado where I currently fester. I guess he is going to enjoy the beach while the rest of the people get enjoy his security teams turning the Island into Stalag 17, I wonder who is playing Sargent Schultz.
They have been monitoring all calls and making lists for month and this year they know how to block all the roads, run their check points and harass the children of the very rich and famous.No like the Vineyard of yore where we could make a Fascil Vega disappear along with sever Kennedy concubines.
The Islanders in those days had not totally succumbed to the real estate agents song of "just one house on the land." Now they appear to be as corrupted as Aspenites or Jackson Holers. Their gated communities in reality whore houses (see Phil Ochs Rhythms of Revolution.)
One wonders what happened to the Coast Guard boat house and dock that burned up in a lightning strike, now the government has to build a new one.I bet that project gets started before the there are people finding a solution to homelessness (no one says grab some land and build your own with your own hammer and nails.)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is What a Police State Looks Like.

There is a disaster in the Gulf and of course the Government has privatized it. Reporters and scientists are banned from the results of the the calamity. There is prison for those who wish to learn what is really happening. Homeland Security the same Klan ridden outfit that forbids kids to read Malcolm X in school is now in-charge of America's science.
B.P. and the clowns who created the disaster of extraction has closed the site to non believers from the scientific community meanwhile there is a real good chance of there being a big bang from the gasses that are pouring out of the earth into the Gulf. All the talk of using explosives on a methane leak might well be a fitting exit for the American Era. Sort of when Stalin set off the workers Bomb, the one that only killed capitalists.
There is a logic loose on the land that at every turn attempts to solve complicated problems destruction and death. Sort of like sticking your head in an oven while looking for a gas leak with a match.
What we have here is multilevel stupidity along with a facist state called the United States of America. "White man's going to get blown to the moon cause White-man's got a God complex." to paraphrase Gil Scott Heron.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ken Coates Marxman

I read today of the death of my friend and author of a book I helped illustrate Ken Coates. When we met I was a green young photographer who had discovered that most of what he knew was a lie.
Growing up in the fifties and early sixties in America I had become keenly aware that there were major differences between what Americans believed and what we saw in the real world.
We were told that we were educated to advance our personal standing in the world yet were some how better than Black people.
We were told that we Americans could administer the world in a much more humane way than Africans Asians and Latin Americans.
We were told that American culture was much more vital and real than the peoples of the world.
I had seen though the lies and the layers of lies that make up first American education and second the American Nightmare.
I had seen America point the rifle at the Mexican and ruin his country. I had seen the FBI set up the machinery for the drug cartels in Oaxaca and the enslavement of the peasants to to work the soil for the rest of their short lives growing drugs.
I knew the segregated South with millions tied to depleted soil their dreams subjagated by first Dixiecrat then Republican White folk.
I had worked with W.Eugene Smith as his lives was smashed by the Luce Empire of lairs Henry the First Henry the Second and Henry the third. Men who created an America of false saviours and ever more rapatious criminal leaders.
I knew the Kennedys, Bundy's, Duponts, Bushs' and Duvals knew they were lying looting a continate and leaveing the people who did the work in the dirt.
Coates intoduced me to Marx, Lenin and Trotsky also Fanon C. Wright Mills. While I worked for the Week and with the Dialectical analysis he enhanced the isometric thinking my capi6talist educators had indoctrinated me with as a student. Coates opened a confusded mind and I could see the direction of victory over the corprate state. Coates, and Trevor Griffins set the opening of my mind into high gear. Then Ray Gosling challanged me when I parroted what I was reading at the time.
I was able learn the contradictions of Marxist Leninist thought almost as I saw how these ideas worked in the world. I was horrifed by the great slaughter that great minds put together. Socialist Russsia China Germany became thrones of blood. When I read Walter Benjamin, Buckminster Fuller, Makhano, the manifesto 's of the Kronstadt, the work of Debord and the Situationists I learned there are other better ways achieve liberation from the corporate fascist state that was forming back in those days.
I thank Ken Coates for challenging the mind I arrived at his doorstep carrying like paper sack. I am proud to have known him when I read and critique Zizek, Zarzen or the primitives who offer stone tools to feed seven billion people.