Friday, December 31, 2010

(1457 unread) Mail, cordleycoit

(1457 unread) Mail, cordleycoit
It is the time of cold. After Christmas is when the prairie becomes bitter cold. Weather where the hired man or the farm freezes to death feeding the stock. Time when the expensive electric heaters are turned on sparingly. The snow is welcome snow insulates.
There is no program for getting solar electric to the people we have plenty of sunlight but it is held back by high instillation costs. Our country banks can care less about productivity increasing out here in the big empty. The State of Colorado is always broke, the feds give only to the rich. Our ever so corrupt county government has interest in helping the big hats and keeping the lid on the schools no time for solar here. Culture is in the hands of heard hearted Baptist preachers and Denver grants mavens so the there is a wall manned by puritans around the arts and science.

Friday, December 24, 2010


A time of greed for the children and remembrance for the aging. There were times of great shared love and times of poverty with out bitterness just surviving the thirty years of child raising. There were no failures, the children all grew and became independent adults inventing themselves. Lots of bumps nicks scratches the young people are intact in place and moving though great adventures. A brigade of Siamese cats and a company of wolves, setters, Dobies and fish bark, chirp and swim on. And there is a Black Forest of memories and tales we told. The house is quite until the current Husky Kenzi comes in.

What do the 'listing' and 'let search engines find your blog' settings do?

What do the 'listing' and 'let search engines find your blog' settings do?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

आर्ट Rap

Painting and drawing come hard to me. I did not start drawing until I was thirty five.I thought I was trapped in photography by dyslexia. Then I took some lessons from Susan Anderton and I was off. Later in Denver I spent a couple of years at the Art Students League working on life drawing which led to me discovering my painting style "busted realism." I like to simply draw or sometimes take out the water color box. Did a series of air brush portraits until the money gave out. I feel like a farmer when asked what he'd do with a million dollars "Farm until the money gives out."

Not pitching the bitch rather being a realist. Art is in a tail spin for reason's out side the artists ability to deal with the market. The corrupt grants system worked for grants writers until the gravy train was hijacked by the the banksters and now only the stars get to make a living.

What I have been discovering is the backlash to unintelligible art is burying abstract art in the mass graveyard. Some of it was good most was lousy schlock as is the current revival of "impressionist art. There is some good stuff coming out of religious art: Kata Billups, David Merick pop up and cannot be denied as with George Pratt in the comic book world, Jureck with the airbrush, Jan Sitts exploring the mind, Doug Dawson hitting the hard bricks. Tom Lunn etching. Haven't heard Kay Kutch (Kay Starr).There are many others but I live in the Sahara of Bozart in Easter Colorado. Hard to find exposure among the Southern Baptists and methheads, the air fresh between Chemtrail dustings, sort of a balance.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

थे लूकिंग ग्लास इस Cracked

Yes the picture is ugly but then wars are ugly. And the people who wage them are uglier. So called warriors be they Islamic or from the west are horrid people pretending to bring liberation while chaining people to primitive belief systems far older than the current gods they fight for. Who is more prmitive the Islamic with his god of stoning and worship of the moon and the male member or the convenent Christian with his god of commodity and facist conformity.
There is a third God the dead god of Marx slain by its acolytes, the corrupt administrators, but then are not all administrators corrupt. Look at China caught in the vise of corruption. Look at the United States a newly enslaved nation of fools paying for the excess of it's ruling class. Or look at their lap dogs the Brits losing their health and education systems to pay for few bankers games.
Look at Assange jailed by a woman for not giving her the quality of orgasm she demanded. Look at the crotch sniffing Swedes arrogant in their enforcement of laws centering on personal pleasure while claiming sexual liberation. Their kingdom is a farce their laws absurd.
And the fascist empire called America looking with it's Chinese ally for any excuse to limit freedom: sexual and intellectual. The only good news is the empires crater quickly especially those dependent on thugs criminal administrators ruling with fragile technologies.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

हिस्टरी इस Happening

Wikileaks has arrived big time over the last few months.It's a real life adventure complete with sex, violence, law and loads of official criminality.
The United States has gone rogue again, the last time this happened with any seriousness was nineteen seventeen when a Democratic, academic, President lost control of the country to bankers and the British Government.
Wilson set up a police state with AG Palmer and his main girlie man Hoover. They were impowered to break the back of the IWW, Industrial Workers of the World.
The IWW saw the war in Europe as a war on radical movements.
The bankers had the press under their thumb the Hurst empire hated the unions (as much as Disney ) as did the emerging later facist Ford Corperation. Hurst called for the round up of radicals and and the bankers saw that the war would execute a generation that they felt were infected with radiucal thinking. Meanwhile the masters of capitalism were financing the Klan (which ruled the western states as well as the South.) Klansmen executed union organizers and Blacks and Indians in all the Western states and continued to rule states like Colorado until the ninteen sixties.
The forces of government moved against the union and other radicals even after the war ended. America became a police state, unions broken working people robbed by the banks and the Robber Bankers were setting up the Great Depression without an organized opposition. Intellectuals fled for Europe as soon as the guns stopped firing, the country became brainless and stayed that way until the Beats appeared.
That is what is being set up now. Play boy doper president Bush gives way to an intellectual without a past who is given office by the bankers who stole three generations wealth. I think we are entering darker times that our grandparents.
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