Saturday, March 26, 2011

सेन्टर दोएस सोमेथिंग Right

Senator Does Something Right
On Friday I journeyed to Elisabeth Colorado to hear Senator Mark Udall debut his plan to get more money to small business. The hall was packed with the recently looted residents of Elbert County. His plan is simple:raise the maximum that credit unions can lend above the twelve percent cap that the banks bought from the the Congress.
The banks became frightened in the nineties that credit unions would out lend them in their quest to control markets. Bankers believe in free markets as long as they control the market. Credit unions lend money on lower interest rates than the banks charge. Credit Unions are owned by their members, Credit unions are lean, banks run to bloated and corrupt. The banks bought the Congress and had a cap put on the amount the credit unions could lend. So much for good government.

The neat thing about Udall's proposal is that the Government does not have to print money or pay off the the credit unions.

As we know the boys from Chicago will not like this idea because it is simple and does not fit in with their plans for us. And with one of their kind in the White House they will be waiting like rats along the trial to kill off a good idea. Since the congress is showing itself to be in the pocket of the highest bidder Read the scum sucking Koch Brothers and their mean rich allies this should get interesting. Koch 's who are the lowest common denominator have attracted the fear monger's, the crooked arbitrage set, and the best brains of the Tea party to put their fingers in the tax payer's pocket and grab something.

Udall is doing something different for a Colorado Politician, being honest and creative.

My neighbors were interested and tolerant (we just sent an Assessor to prison for stealing.) They have been hard hit by having their money stolen by the bankers and money managers, taxes gauged out, and homes lost to banks that find it easy to evict. I being one of the millions robbed by the mainly republican money industry, was amazed by their knowledge of Freidmanisque thinking and their recognition of the Shock Doctrine imposed by both parties. The rats from Washington and Wichita were not represented in the audience of farmers, ranchers and contractors still reeling from the mugging by the Clintons, Bushes and now the Obama's.

Mark Udall's simple handling and elegant thinking was not lost but rather set a spark of populism loose on the prairie.