Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adventures in America's Third World
“She rose from her warm bed a with a gun in each hand saying '”Come all you cowboys and fight for your land.” Woody Guthrie. The Law of The Ranger's Command.
I live in a small l town in Colorado that has been bypassed by the rest of the country except for old buildings that have been thrown out, abandoned then burned . There no longer is an economy to be a part of. All commerce is shut down when the rails were torn up and the Blood hound died.. There are a lot of meaningless jobs that no one can make a living wage at working for WalMart or the local cafes. The national chains will never open their choke and pukes here. There is not enough water for growing pot. Yet there are turf wars with the cartels starting up, gun hands have been hired to close roads to traffic and terrorize the elderly and poor.
We are blessed with third world illnesses There is an endemic chest, loose phylum cough that resembles TB from Honduras,( one sees there are more imports from Central America than gang banger impregnated teenagers infection and we are waiting for Ebola to finish off the young and the elderly.
Another hazard are the cartels that have moved into the out lying areas creating no go areas without meeting drug thugs with guns to help the traveler out. Today my brother and I went out looking at a three acre parcel of land. After a visit to the Fremont County Assessor we are able to pin point the lot. on this mountain side. The whole mountain has been burned over and it was ten years between brief visits. We miss my brother's place by ten feet.
The Assessor is a friendly and helpful person and we see where we'd been right and of course where we went wrong. The missing land happened to be next door to a pin moving land bully hiding behind a bullies exterior and simply claim as right where the boomers left it. Colorado is littered with boomers dreams gone bust. The problem is that people cheat a lot , They move property pins and then seize the land. They tow in trailers and put them on other people's land, They foul the water supply with human waste. They plant and harvest pot plants while their trailers hide meth labs The list of boom times crimes goes endlessly on it can get quite repetitive.
Th3 problem is not so much a problem of the immigrants it is the problem of the host country borders years ago when Americans gave up on enforcing the immigration laws and welcomed thirty million illegals as cheap labor and corruptible voters. The rich want their cheap labor and liberals need the ballot boxes stuffed. The problem is who is going to pay. The rich fvor socialism and the resident poor get to pay for the liberal ”Dream.”
Click twice and the person serving you might speak English as a third language, then again you might do better if you speak Zapotoc.
The roads in Southwestern Fremont county are three seaons they laid out on a grid not conforming with the topography. A quaint solution to erotion and snow removal. But people looking to live close to nature ought to know how to aim a car on slick clay. They take you past the smashed traiers and burned out trailers.
The people are mountain frendly as long as you are doing something useful. They are true to he Code of the West. I am trying to be what I am a n interested jouralist looking for the truth.

The dry nature of the land impressed me. There was use of every drop of water. By the pinion forest grown up on the burned side of Iron Mountain.
A drive though the area reminds one of a set for the made for television set of Justified. Long time residents are attempting to create community the short timers are living hand to mouth desperate looking trailers and vandalized cars are some of the detritus left from the summer of pot growing.
Third world means there is a mono culture, the local support themselves with pensions and Social Security payments as well as real estate sales and trading of the small plaits of land. There is no way one could make any sort of a living off three acres of mountain land. Too short a growing season , rock filled lack of topsoil make conventional farming difficult. The cultivators of pot have a problem farming here and there are residents who are armed, not ready for giving up their land and freedom to grow pot for the Mexican market. Wve the problem of people moving in with a different culture while our thinking and institutions and education polices are stuck in nineteen zero four teaching models. We are trying to dumb down children with computers to a horn book level. We view innovation with total suspicion. We have reduced teachers to assembly line mechanics when we are building spaceships, not the Great White Fleet.
Our eduction system is not broken it is nonexistent. Our children are dying of boredom and third world fighters with a third grade eduction system rooted in the seventh century AD. Drug corruption has reduced our cities to a Detroit lever of rotten thought. The drug dealers education goes nowhere except into the toilet of pseudo intellectualism building a world of conflict between person and machine and inevitable dark ages.

In the Third World vacant land becomes a toilet, tax money has to be painfully extracted, a physically harsh world becomes impossible for the sick and elderly, youth is a time of underemployment and minorities are played off against each other. And corruption and fear are rampant. Meanwhile Congress men a screaming for a free market approach to health care with doctors bidding for operations. Imagine Milton Friedman auctioning off your spare body parts.   

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