Sunday, July 10, 2011

                                                               Slaughter in The Tropics
Summer time hot weather at night it is cool at six thousand feet. The great drought has not broken but there has been some rain.  My thoughts have been around the Drug War; that two trillion dollar boondoggle. The Mexican Government the dope dealers and the American spec forces have rung the bell for forty five thousand Mexicans and the pot heads say "Dope never hurt anyone." True the bullets seem to kill a whole lot of people. Poet Faconclo Cabral is the latest artist to be executed CIA style in Guatemala City after a show.
The killers were quite professional which leaves a question as to weather or not they were gringos or simply graduates of the School Of the America's. Shooting of poets is something new except where the right wing is involved. The followers of Milty Friedman's minions killed hundreds of poets in the dirty war that raged though Latin America in the sixties though eighties. Victor Jara comes to mind, they hacked his hands off then killed him thinking that music dies like a person. The criminals went back to Chicago to teach economics until Bush opened now doors in torture  in the poppy trade, now Mr. Obama carries on the tradition of American torture and murder in the lands south of us. Dope comes with a price tag and the bankers collect it.  We have spent two trillion dollars to get nowhere. Legalize it.