Monday, January 14, 2013

Back good as new

Where I was. I have been in and out of hospital so I have been a worse correspondent than usual. I also have been working to keep the Cotter Project alive. Not easy when you have six month gaps in your life. Today is the coldest day of the year something to celebrate by surviving. Not so for Aron Swartz  one of the Alpha computer geeks  accused of terrorism and found hanging like Donnar Hanson of yore. The government was attempting to link him with Wikileaks. Months before the trial he "pulls the plug" How convenient for a government without much of a case.  Obama has a way of killing off descent not the sign of of transparency more like the Iron Heel. The facts are not in and far more talented people than I are looking at this at a time when secrecy has been seriously crippled by the Internet. The truth as it emerges is not pretty.