Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have been avoiding rant driven causism for good reason anger does not bring solution. Action can but action also gums up the works if it is simply doing something.
Bucky Fuller looked at the world's problems and found solutions as did the The Farmers,The Diggers,the Blues Mafia the list is endless. The failures were in the political end of social engineering. The political parties exist in a bubble that kills people enslaves billions and does little more than pimp humanity.
Look at the slaughter in Mexico. Tens of thousands murdered so a middle class can stay stoned at great profit to bankers who employ the gun thugs. We cannot stop the killing because we are owned by the political process. We who have an answer to it all simple and elegant are regarded is non warriors therefore sheep. Wrong, Legalization and treatment both real not some scam would end the problem in it's tracks but the process addicted bankers and psychotic politicians balk at the an end to the profits and the wonderful bloodshed they build their thrones on.