Sunday, August 26, 2012

"What did you Learn In School Today?"

Dawn means a walk with the dog. We wander the town putting on the miles in town. Out of town too much shooting in the half light. I simply do border to border or I look for an image, generally a throwaway.
Last couple of days I noted heavy equipment something that puts man in the environment.
No it is not a shopping mall but rather a school a brand new high school. The old one mysteriously ended up in the hands of the Southern Baptists  the largest drain on the local economy. They build churches and have spread through the water shed like fire on the prairie. Something about the preachers thug in laws. His son in law threatens artists who dare to paint in Ramah a nearby hamlet.
Any way an oil company offered to help build a new but unneeded school with the help of the taxpayers and the Southern Baptists leapt for this like a Great White Shark for a swimmer in a wet suit. Since their congregation votes as they are told bingo we get to pay for a school and they get an office block.Nice real estate deal.
I wonder about myself liking to photograph machinery of destruction. We lose forty acres of bottom  land This is the theme picture.
Forty pleasant acres that used to grow bean and corn,then went to pasture lands when the rains failed. Maybe the school will fail like most businesses here partially because the town is ruled by religious people and not many business or art types get to get near the seats of power. After all the worshipers of the Christ of death, the law and illness need their monuments.
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